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Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Dr K.N Modi Institute of Engineering and Technology!! 
Department of Computer Science & Engineering is responsible for conducting U G Program B. Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) Course with intake of 120, B. Tech affiliated with   Dr. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow.
The Department has well qualified faculty with Gate qualified. The faculty has number of publications. Many of the faculty members have industrial background that ensures best approach of practical and theoretical knowledge to the students.
The endeavor of the department is to provide high quality education along with training the students with all the new advancements in the computers field. The department places prominence on all the important aspects of computers such, Algorithm Design, Operational research, Advance database systems, as High speed networks, mobile networks , Computer Graphics, Software Engineering and Theory of computation many more.
The scope of computer science &Engineering is eternal .The Department has tie-up with reputed IT companies. The department provides platform for the students to achieve their career goals. Itt has excellent results and students are getting placed in reputed firms.
To create a department with leaders in computer science education at the forefront of educational innovation and dissemination of new technology and knowledge. The students achieve excellence in education and professional practice as well to serve as valuable resource for industry and society globally.
To create knowledge of fundamental principles and innovative technologies within the core areas of computer science and also in interdisciplinary topics. To develop competent professionals who are proficient in the design, analysis and implementation of computational/computer systems. To develop human machine interaction in the field of Computer Science to address the challenges faced by the mankind for optimum utilization of knowledge based system. To apply new developments in computational hardware and software and to provide all possible support to promote research and development activities. To impart quality and value based education and contribute towards the advancement of computing, science and technology to raise satisfaction level of all stakeholders
Programme Educational Objectives 
1. To possess the ability to think logically and the capacity to understand technical problems to design alternative solution.
2. To prepare graduates to become effective innovators to address technical and engineering challenges.
3. To guide the students to focus on Research and development activities covering the emerging trends of computer application.  
4. To use the skills in ethical and professional manner for the effective contribution to society.
International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Science, Engineering and Management on 23rd and 24th April, 2016 
A two days international conference was held at Dr. K.N.M.I.E.T. on 23rd and 24th April on “Emerging Technologies in Science, Engineering and Management”. The conference aimed to provide a platform for the discussion on recent technological developments in the field of science, engineering and management. 
“Govt. Sector Job”
A Seminar was conducted by Mr. Anuj of Career Power for CS 2nd & 3rd year students on 26-04-2016. The Topic of the Seminar was Govt. Sector Jobs. Total 200 students attended this Seminar.
Career Power is one of the largest and fast growing education-technology company in India focused on helping unemployed youth in getting jobs. 
“Network Management and Ethical Hacking”
A Seminar was conducted by Mr. Santu Purkait of Netcamp for CS 2nd & 3rd year students on 28-02-2016. The Topic of the Seminar was Network Management & Ethical Hacking. Total 180 students attended this Seminar. 
A Seminar was conducted by Mr. Abhishek Singh of Microsoft Technology Associate for CS 2nd year students on 30-01-2016. The Topic of the Seminar was PHP and MYSQL. Total 95 students attended this Seminar
A Seminar was conducted by Mr. Abhishek Rathore in Dr. K.N.M.I.E.T. for CS 4th year students on 30-09-15. The Topic of the Seminar was ASP.Net. Total 106 students attended this Seminar.
 “Recent Trends in Computer Technologies” (1 day)
The purpose of the seminar was to share the idea on recent developments in computer technologies including software and hardware. The wireless communication technologies are becoming more popular in today scenario. 
 “Emerging Issues in Computer Networks” (1day)
The one day seminar was organized on “Emerging Issues in Computer Networks”. The Experts were called from JNU, New Delhi and an industry i.e. Software Technologies Parks of India (STPI). One of the experts focused on the key factors related to computer networks and their use in day to day life from a small room to worldwide. 
Workshops/Guest Lectures/Industrial Visit
Workshop on JAVA
A Workshop was conducted by D.U.C.A.T. in Dr. KNMIET for CS 3rd year students on 24-08-2015. The topic of the Workshop was JAVA. Total 104 students attended this Workshop. Ducat provides the entire necessary computer training which helps the newbies and also the experienced workers so that they can achieve better recognition in this competitive world. Ducat provides the best available programs such as Software Development, Workshops and Placement Service which helps in enhancing the technical skills which seems to be beneficial for all the applicants.
Workshop on Concepts on C
1. A Workshop was conducted in by Mr. Avrial Garg in Dr. KNMIET for CS 2nd year students on 08-09-2015. The topic of the Workshop was Concepts of C. 
2. A Workshop was conducted by EDGE in Dr. KNMIET for CS 3rd year students on 09-10-2015. The topic of the Workshop was IAAS and PAAS. 
3. A Workshop was conducted by Mr. Vinod Kumar Yadav of Success GateWay CS 2nd and 3rd year students from 14-03-16 to 15-03-2016. The topic of the Workshop was C Programming and Resume Designing..
Workshop on Networking
A Workshop was conducted by Mr. Vineet Kumar of C.I.S.C.O. for  CS 3rd year students on 26-10-15. The topic of the Workshop was Networking. 
Workshop on Graphics in C
A Workshop was conducted by Mr. Vipul Bhardwaj & Mr. Anil Pandey in Dr. K.N.M.I.E.T. for CS 2nd year students on 29-10-15. The topic of the Workshop was Graphics in C. 
Inaugural of IIT Spoken Tutorials under MOOC’s 
Dr.K.N.M.I.E.T., Modinagar, in collaboration with IIT Bombay has started spoken tutorials under Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC’s).A session on the open source software SciLAB has been inaugurated on 1st Feb 2016 by the Director of Dr. K.N.M.I.E.T. Prof. (Dr.) P.N. Hrisheekesha in internet lab. This program contains series of courses and sessions by eminent personalities from IIT, Bombay in their respective fields and subjects. This is an initiative taken by the institute to impart latest technology; quality education to develop skills among students with ICT based Audio-visual technology, Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC’s).
National Winter Training Program 2016 in association with EDC, IIT Roorkee, (NWTP2016) 
On 3rd Feb, 2016, National Winter Training Program was inaugurated in Dr. K.N.M.I.E.T. It was a one week Training Programme from 3rd to 10th Feb. On Android App Development , Embedded System and Robotics in association with EDC, IIT Roorkee Finland Labs and Revert Technologies.. 
Workshop on Android apps Development
A Workshop was conducted by Mr. Pankaj of NWTP EDC IIT Roorkee .for CS 2nd and 3rd year students from 03-02-16 to 10-02-2016. The topic of the Workshop was Android apps Development..
Workshop on ANDROID
A Workshop was conducted by Mr. Deep and Mr. Gaurav Jain of DUCAT for CS 2nd and 3rd year students on 07-04-16. The topic of the Workshop was ANDROID.
Two days workshop on “Analog System Design using ASLK PRO” 
M/s EdGate Technologies pvt. Limited (Partner of Texas Instruments) in collaboration with “Dr. K.N Modi institute of Engineering & Technology, Modinagar” organized two Days Faculty Development Program on “Analog System Design using ASLK PRO” on 18th and 19th July 2016 at Dr. K.N Modi institute of Engineering & Technology, Modinagar under TEXAS INSTRUMENTS.
Workshop on SAP Technology
A Workshop was conducted by Mr. Abhishek Awadha of Croma Campus for CS 2nd and 3rd year students on 22-10-16. Croma Campus is an ISO 9001-2008 certified Training Organization run by highly technical qualified PROFESSIONALS associated with various Top Level MNCs having 15+ years of experience in various kinds of technologies. The Topic of the workshop was SAP Technology. 
Workshop on Cloud Computing
A Workshop was conducted by EDIFYSELF for CS 2nd and 3rd year students on 31-01-17. EDIFYSELF is a leading professional certification training provider. The topic of the Workshop was Cloud Computing which covered Public Private Cloud and description of security in cloud, File Transmission etc.
Guest Lecture on Computer Network
A Guest lecture was conducted by Mr. Hariom Arora of Dr. KNMIET for CS 3rd year students on 30-10-2015. The topic of the Guest lecture was Computer Network. Total 104 students attended this Guest Lecture.
Guest Lecture by I-GATE Academy
A Guest lecture was conducted by I-GATE Academy for CS 3rd students on 02-11-2015. The topic of the Guest lecture was Gate Preparation. Total 104 students attended this Guest Lecture.
A Guest Lecture on Gate and Placement Preparation
A Guest Lecture was conducted by Mr. Vinod Kumar Yadav of Success GateWay for CS 3rd year students on 19-02-16. 
An expert lecture on MANET: Mobile Ad-hoc Network
Prof. Birendra Kumar from KEC, Ghaziabad was invited for the expert lecture. He discussed the basics of Ad-hoc networks and shared the ideas based on Mobile Ad-hoc network.  
Industrial Visit in APTRON Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Noida
 CSE 3rd year students went on an industrial visit in APTRON Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Noida on 11/03/2016. Total 90 students visited the company. Since 2003, APTRON Solutions has provided individual and corporate clients with a superior learning experience under the brand name of Netexperts Educational Services. As a trusted education partner we deliver more than 250+ IT and NON-IT training courses for 20+ vendors from such leading technology firms as Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, Oracle, SAP, CompTIA, Red Hat, Salesforce & Many More etc. They leverage these vendors’ professional technical training content and combine it with their award-winning course instructors to produce a consistently superior level of training. APTRON Solutions offers strategic training paths for the certification skills required to support today’s technologies, while offering a broad curriculum of application focused courses for clients looking to implement new/upgraded business applications
Industrial Visit at MCN Solution Pvt. Ltd. Noida
 CSE 3rd year students went on an industrial visit in MCN Solution Pvt. Ltd. on 26/11/2016. Total 80 students visited the company. MCN Solutions is a fifteen-year-old custom software development and outsourcing services provider and specializes in mobile app and web development for small to mid-sized businesses. Headquartered in Delhi national capital region of India, MCN has its extended offices in USA, UK and Poland.
 In the compiler lab we implement the lexical analyzer using Lex, flex or other lexical analyzer generating Tools. Write a C program for implementing the functionalities of predictive parser for the mini language specified. Write a C program to implement LALR parsing Convert the BNF rules into Yacc form and write code to generate abstract syntax tree for the mini language specified
Turbo C++ 
This will discuss the insights of Graphical programming and implement. In this lab students learn how to create lines, images of huts and generation of circle, ellipse etc. It provides the student knowledge about how these images created on the screen. It will also help students to get the knowledge of outside world. 
Using Graphics, Animations and Multithreading for designing Simulation and Game based applications. • Design and develop GUI applications using Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT), Swing and Event Handling. • Design and develop Web applications • Designing Enterprise based applications by encapsulating an application’s business logic. • Designing applications using pre-built frameworks.
 TURBO C and C++ 
In this laboratory after completing experiments student has to learn how to analyze a problem & design the solution for the problem. In addition to that, solution must be optimum, i.e., time complexity & memory usage of the solution must be very low.
TURBO C and C++
In this laboratory student has learn the basic concepts of network and the concepts of socket programming using TCP & UDP protocol and the simulation of sliding window protocol.
Java JDK 
The course is designed to develop skills to design and analyze simple linear and non linear data structures. It strengthen the ability to the students to identify and apply the suitable data structure for the given real world problem. It enables them to gain knowledge in practical applications of data structures. In this lab the student will be able to Design and analyze the time and space efficiency of the data structure, Understand and apply fundamental algorithmic problems including Tree traversals, Graph traversals, Write complex applications using structured programming methods, Understand which algorithm or data structure to use in different scenarios, Identity the appropriate data structure for given problem and Understand the applications of data structures.
In Microprocessor lab study of 8085 microprocessor. Then with the help of 8085 microprocessor programming, we can add two hexadecimal numbers, we can subtract two hexadecimal numbers on microprocessor kit. 
 8085 Microprocessor
Nvis 5585A
In the digital logic design lab experiments are being performed on logic gates, flip-flops and conversion BCD addition, Boolean function using Decoder, Multiplexer, and Encoder.
 Integrated circuits
 Circuit Boards
  Obtaining a basic knowledge and practical experience in functional and logic programming. Introduction into formal concepts used as a theoretical basis for both paradigms. Students will get basic knowledge and practical experience in functional and logic programming (two important representatives of declarative programming). Moreover, they will get basic information about theoretical basis of both paradigms and implementation techniques.
This Lab disucss Rule based programming languages i.e. the concepts of Lisp programming.  In this Lab the students will learn to define, a LISP function to compute sum of squares, to compute difference of squares. (if x > y return x2 –y2, otherwise y2-x2), Recursive LISP function to solve Ackermann’s Function, Recursive LISP function to compute factorial of a given number, Recursive LISP function which takes one argument as a list and returns last element of the list, a Recursive LISP function which takes one argument as a list and returns a list except last element of the list, a Recursive LISP function which takes one argument as a list and returns reverse of the list, a Recursive LISP function which takes two arguments first, an atom, second, a list, returns a list after
This lab contains practical/Lab Sessions related Diagram.  Students are advised to thoroughly go through this rather than only topics mentioned in the syllabus as practical aspects are the key to understanding and conceptual visualization of theoretical aspects covered in the books.
Rational Rose 
Discuss the insights of internet programming and implement complete application over the web. Demonstrate the important HTML tags for designing static pages and separate design from content using Cascading Style sheet. It also utilize the concepts of JavaScript and Java. Use web application development software tools i.e. Ajax, PHP and XML etc. and identify the environments currently available on the market to design web sites. It also help students to know all the browser side scripting.
To cover the basic concepts related to different resources in computer system. Helps to know about the different challenges a system faces while working in any computing environment. Involves the security threats and failures encountered in the system. Includes all the related topics of networking and also hardware concepts. Helps the students to know about all the internal details regarding Computer processor as well.
This lab complements the operating systems course. Students will gain practical experience with designing and implementing concepts of operating systems such as system calls, CPU scheduling, process management, memory management, file systems and deadlock handling.
The structure queries language is a language that enables to create and operate on relational database which are sets of related information stored in tables SQL has clearly established itself as the standard relational database   language. 
ORACLE 8i, 9i. 
The objective of AI lab is to understand how machine learning has been done and to understand the concepts of neural networks, expert systems etc. It also provide us with the ability to learn how resolution works using unification on various facts and gaining insight into 2SAT algorithm and searching algorithms like A*, AO* etc.
The objective of project lab is to be able to apply the relevant knowledge and skills, which are acquired within the technical area, to a given problem, within given constraints, even with limited information, independently analyze and discuss complex inquiries/problems and handle larger problems on the advanced level within the technical area. It also provides us with the ability to document and present one’s own work, for a given target group, with strict requirements on structure, format, and language usage be able to identify one’s need for further knowledge and continuously develop one’s own knowledge.
NET framework
Digital language lab provides resources and facilities for language instruction and learning To promote efficiency in English Language with the development of the four skills of language i.e. LSRW(Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing) .The students are trained on the voice pattern to modulate their voice in accordance with the  Improvement of soft skills
Focus Technology
Clarity software
Author plus
Numeric Technique lab provides introduction to MATLAB .Programs are performed on basic matrix operation, linear equation solving, differential equation on Euler Method and roots of polynomial.
Tech wizard club
Tech Wizard is a computer science community, which is conducted by the students of computer science and engineering branch of the college DR. KNMIET working together as a team in running this club. We are working with the sole aim of providing a platform for the second year students of the department for their all around development. We conduct technical events that help the participants to sharpen their technical skills and also verbal events which help them in enhancing their communication and presentation skills.
Events conducted in tech wizard are 
1. Techno Quiz
This event consisted of the images of the fortune 500 companies and also the audio clips of the important personality. These were used to check the ability to recognize things and how to react in the critical situation.
2. Flamitage
    It has two rounds First round is Apti Round was implemented to play with the random numbers and also to make the participants accessible for the first round of any placement drive. And second is Memory Optimization Round was to reduce the fear of the stage and audience interaction has to be increased in this round, we have also focused on the extempore to increase the thinking capability of the participant in a limited period of time.
3. Networking
For the discussion of networking paradigm various topics Structured Cabling Introduction to IP, Subnetting and Vlsm Routing ,Basic, Unix Concepts Commands and Utilities, KDE (Linux) ,Networking with Linux (with Installation) ,Telnet and Ftp  configuration ,DNS configuration ,Apache web server configuration ,Live dns, web server and ftp configuration.
4. Minute-To-win-It & AD-Mad
   Extempore is needed everywhere to overcome the hesitation and to develop the confidence we   are able to conduct the events related to this. Thinking and speaking for any topic matters a lot in achieving the attraction of the audience.
5. Cloud computing and Android
    Latest storage paradigm is cloud computing and to configure the desired area we have also conducted this workshop for the benefit of the students.
6. Debug-It
Covering from basics to the higher level coding paradigm was covered in the certain event to check up the logical level of thinking and the concept behind to solve a problem.
7. Group discussion and personal interview
Our main focus is to establish a level of self-confidence and eliminate the fear to lose in front of the audience in any participant in our event.  Confidence shows the talent and opportunity to cope with the world in the present or in the future aspect. Physical as well as mental appearances are the basics of the individual to present his/her image in the society
8. Learn –It
For this event we have planned and implemented lectures on the latest technology such as quantum computing, holoportation, Photoshop, Linux, os and many more. These events definitely cover up the gaps between the normal lectures and the future aspect of the industry
Sponsored Research
Dr. K.N. Modi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Modinagar is in collaboration with Haryana Distillery Limited. It is a Public incorporated on 5 March 2001.
Project developed on “Employee Tracking System”
A Project entitled “Employee Tracking System” based on android is developed by Dr. K.N.M.I.E.T. App development team for Haryana Distilleries. Main objective is to track the employee in a particular organization for better organization management.
Consultancy Project
Consultancy projects which are developed in the college in collaboration with Haryana Distillery Limited .The projects are
1. Restaurant management window application.
2. Employee management system window application     
3. Student Information System window application                                                                    
Student Achievements
1. Mr. Shobhit Tomar, Mr.Satyam Kumar Diwedi, Ms Soumya Singh qualified GATE 2017
2. Mr.Lakshya Srivastava qualified GRE 2017
3. Mr.Aaditya Pandey, Mr.Braj Ankit, Mr.Arvind Verma and Mr.Harshit Pathak win HACKATHON 16 conducted by Tech Mahindra in June 2016
Faculty Achievements

1. Mrs.Niharika Saxena has been selected as certified trainer of Tech Mahindra in 2016-17.

2. Best Mentor was awarded to Mr. Nidheesh Sharma in 2015-16.

3. Best Faculty was awarded to Mr. Shikhar Chandra in 2015-16.

4. Mr. Saurabh Kumar was awarded Young Scientist award in5th Uttrakhand State Science and Technology Congress, 2010 held in Doon University Dehradun.

5. Dr. Vivek Singhal achieved Gold Medal by Vhaisya Samaj, Meerut for Performing well in M.Tech.

6. Dr. Vivek Singhal achieved 100% result during the session 2009-2010 in the subject taught and secured Rs 5000 as cash award.

7. Dr. Vivek Singhal achieved 100% result during the session 2009-2010 in the subject taught and secured Rs 5000 as cash award.

8. Dr. Vivek Singhal achieved 100% result during the session 2009-2010 in the subject taught and secured Rs 5000 as cash award.

Student's Achievements
1. Aadiya Pandey, Braj Ankit, Arvind Verma and Harshit Pathak win HACKATHON 16 conducted by tech Mahindra in June 2016 and won the first prize.

The department is well equipped with latest hardware (including 730+ numbers of latest branded Core2Duo, Dual Core, P-IV system and eight High end servers) and required software.

Institute is having round the clock internet facility with the help of RF Technology.

  • Artificial intelligence Laboratory
  • Client server Technology Laboratory
  • Data Base Management System Laboratory
  • Distributed System Laboratory
  • LINUX Laboratory
  • Multimedia Laboratory
  • Networking Laboratory
  • Programming Laboratory
  • Software Engineering/Rational Rose Case tool Laboratory.
  • Web technology Laboratory

Department also provides the facility to B. Tech students about various software at central computer lab and SDC of the institute to enhance the software skills

Technical Events

The Computer Science department is also involved in various technical events conducted in the institute. These events are useful for all-round development of the students. To make the students aware about latest trends in industry various seminars are also conducted:
WEB DESIGNING- Under this students are demonstrated about how to develop website with the help of software available in the market
EMBEDDED SYSTEM- In this seminar students were imparted knowledge about the wide application areas of the evergreen field of embedded system.
ETHICAL HACKING - Students were made aware about the threats which an internet user may face.
APTITUDE TEST- Students were administered rehearsal of the written test which they might face at the time of placement drives.

Links for tutorials and MCQ preparation.doc

A. Santosh Kumar     
1. Open source using website design (national conference)
2.  Cluster computing (national conference)
3. Iris recognition based on retina (National conference)

B. Saurabh Bhardwaj           
1. Open source using website design (national conference)
2. Cluster computing (national conference)

Course Offered



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