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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering was established in the year 1995 for conducting B. Tech course in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering. The emphasis was on nurturing technical talent by providing need based education and to create a resource pool for developing cutting edge technologies for the country. This technical talent would enrich the national fabric and shall act as driving force for transforming the country into a technology savvy nation.


With this vision, the department has excelled in imparting quality education and has developed into a premier department of Dr. Kedar Nath Modi Institute of Engineering and Technology with emphasis on promoting suitably trained technical man power at the regional as well as national level for meeting the challenges faced by global corporate world.


Electronics Lab

Electronic lab is one of the basic laboratories among all the laboratories of the ECE department from where electronics starts. It consists of basic equipments of electronics such as diodes, OP-Amps, transistors, BJT, FET etc. In this lab students learn how these devices work and their applications.

Digital Electronics LAB

Digital Electronics Lab helps the students to understand the concept of switching theory and logic design. The various high quality and precise apparatus available in the laboratory helps the scholars to synthesis various electronic circuits and to study them.
The students perform several logical and algebraic manipulations in the laboratory which provides a new horizon to their innovative minds.

Microprocessor Lab

The laboratory provides facilities to understand the design, structure and usage of latest microprocessor and microcontroller and their various application in the field of Instrumentation and automatic control. This lab also provides the complete knowledge about programming and interfacing to other devices with the various type of microprocessor.

Integrated Circuit lab

This laboratory provides a broad perspective of basic and advanced electronic devices like Diode, BJT and Oscillator etc. In lab students decipher the characteristics of various electronic components & their use in various fields of electronics

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Lab

This laboratory is equipped to develop printed circuit board design. The PCB lab provides an overview to student to PCB manufacturing using liquid photo resist, film maker, etching machine, LPR developer and UV exposer technique. Drilling machine, tinning machine also help in project work. There are various components and devices that are available as resources to the student for projects like PCB making drilling, tinning and soldering.

Communication Lab

This laboratory provide facilities to understand the basic concept of communication system by practical methods such as sampling kit ADC kit TDM & FDM Kit ,analog to digital modulation technique kit etc.

Microwave Lab

The laboratories help students to clear their concepts regarding practical knowledge of Microwave Engineering and Optical Communication engineering. Microwave benches using reflex klystrons as the source of microwave frequency are used to study the various phenomenon of microwave engineering. Waveguides, attenuators and many supporting devices are available in the laboratory. Optical communication trainer systems are recently introduced to provide students an introduction of emerging new trends in the field of communication

Electronics Instrumentation & Measurement Lab

 This lab consist of study of CRO voltmeter, ADC, DAC, Kelvin bridge Wheatstone bridge etc. With help of CRO, we can generate the waveform of different circuit function generator is also the part of EIM lab its finds out o/p of circuits a wide application in communication lab IC lab & Electronics lab etc.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

The DSP laboratory is research establishment at the department of ECE. This lab has covered the basic topics of discrete time signals & systems, DTFT, Z-transform, digital filter analysis & design and DFT.


The CAD Laboratories provides FPGA & XILINX based designing & implementation using VHDL with help of EDA tools. The laboratory is equipped with EDA tools like ORCAD capture and layout, P-spice, Electronics workbench’s multi SIM and Utility board.  Besides these, lab has active –HDL and MATLAB. This laboratory is a place of interest for a student of microelectronics. The concepts of digital system design can be carried out to obtain a simulated output before going board design.

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