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Dr K.N. Modi Institute of Engineering & Technology, Modinagar is Pioneer in Technical Education in Uttar Pradesh. Under The Guidance of Honorable President Sir Dr Devendra Kumar Modi ji - Chemical Engineer (IT BHU), Department of Chemical Engineering was established in year 1996-97. Modern Technical Education is gradually moving out from traditional education to digital world in almost all branches of engineering.

Industry- Institute interaction a key feature of Technical Education is high point of Department of Chemical Engineering that has wide network of association with many chemical Engg. companies. Therefore students get invaluable exposure of chemical industry before graduating out from the institute.

 Our bright and hard working students are placed in Top Companies such as Oil & Natural Gas Commission (ONGC), IOCL, Reliance, SAIL, GAIL, BARC etc.

Many great IITians Dr SC Dhingra , Dr HS Sharma and others have served the department.

 Technical & Cultural/athletic Activities- Energetic students of the department are involved in a range of activities such as organizing seminars on burning environmental issues such as global warming and on related topics in different  annual technical/cultural events. Our students participate in scientific /technical papers contests to prepare for tomorrow’s challenging world. Students of chemical engineering department have won prizes in HBTI, Kanpur in scientific /technical papers contest. They regularly win medals in various state level sport activities .Every year they win accolades in BHU & other prestigious institutes.

 Other Academic Activities- Lot of work has been done in department to enhance the quality of education which is perhaps the sole aim of technical education. Students are encouraged to take up project work on most modern topics such as computational fluid dynamics ( CFD), simulation using Matlab/C++ /Aspen Plus. Simulation of Distillation Column using C++ carried out by Satish Mishra, Deepti singh, Subham Mishra guided by Rajeev Kumar was recognized even in best universities abroad.

Honorable President Dr D K Modi is great source of inspiration for the whole department of chemical engineering. The Chemical Engineering Department of the institute conducts undergraduate course in chemical engineering encompassing core courses and offers a wide range of electives covering virtually all important aspects of the profession such as safety and hazards, environmental engineering, oil technology and polymers. The undergraduate students are exposed to all the above areas of expertise. Institute’s faculty has vast experience  both in industries and academics.

Department Labs- Department of Chemical Engineering at Dr K.N. Modi Institute of Engineering & Technology, Modinagar has most modern labs –process control lab, mass transfer lab, heat transfer lab, chemical reaction engg. lab etc. Department uses latest simulation software ASPEN PLUS,MATLAB to train students on these most modern simulation packages. In fact the whole world of technical education including business world is gradually moving out of traditional world of experimental base work towards simulation .With this in mind, Honorable President introduced these simulation packages in department of chemical engineering. The department has well equipped laboratories in various spheres of chemical engineering.

  • Fluid Flow Laboratory
  • Mechanical Operation Laboratory
  • Heat Transfer Operation Laboratory
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory
  • Energy Engineering Laboratory
  • Mass Transfer Operation Laboratory
  • Chemical Technology Laboratory
  • Process Dynamics & Control Laboratory
  • Process Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Environmental Testing Laboratory
  • CAD Centre
  • Computer Based Numerical Method Laboratory

The ‘Fluid Engineering Laboratory’ and ‘Fluid Particle Laboratory’ has facilities for conducting whole range of experiments in fluid flow phenomena, its characteristics and measurements and all important mechanical operations.

Heat Transfer Operation Laboratory has fine-tube, hairpin, shell and tube and fluidised bed heat exchanger, besides experiments on conduction, natural convection and radiation.

The Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory consists of apparatus for RTD studies, non catalytic gas solid reaction, besides PFR, CSTR, batch and semi-batch reactors.

The Energy engineering laboratory has facilities for performing experiments on petroleum testing and fuel technology, e.g., Pensky-Martin apparatus, bomb calorimeter, proximate analysis, cloud and pour point measurement etc.

The Mass Transfer Operation Laboratory contains a number of separation equipments like liquid-liquid extraction, leaching absorption column, VLE apparatus, etc.

Chemical Technology Laboratory provides facilities to demonstrate manufacturing of various chemicals on laboratory scale.

\The PDC Laboratory is equipped with all basic system to studies behavior of first and second order systems and also of P, PI, and PID controllers’ .The Laboratory also has devices to conduct experiment pertaining to the efficient use of solar energy.

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