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As per directives of the hon'ble Supreme Court of India, as well as the guidelines laid by U.G.C., ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in the institute.

Every scholar admitted to this institution shall have to furnish an affidavit signed by his parent / guardian and another signed by himself that he / she will not indulge in any act of ragging.

Freshers or any other student(s), whether being victims, or witnesses, in any incident of ragging, shall be encouraged to report such occurrence, and the identity of such informants shall be protected and shall not be subject to any adverse consequence only for the reason for having reported such incidents.

 Any complaint regarding ragging may be given to the under mentioned numbers or may be contacted personally.

   Anti Ragging Committee Member Name Duty/Responsibility Dept.
1 Dr.P.N.Hrisheekesha Director  
2 Dr.Deepankar Sharma Chairman ASH
3 Dr.G.B.Varshney Deputy Chairman ASH
4 Prof. R.R.Sharma Member ASH
5 Dr.B.K.Chauhan Member ASH
6 Dr.Garima Srivastava Member CSE & IT
7 Ms. Amrita Chitranshi Member CSE & IT
8 Mr. Sandeep Kumar Viswakarma Member CSE & IT
9 Mr.Yogendra Singh Member ME
10 Mr.Dharmendra Singh Member ME
11 Mr. Kapil Kumar Member EE
12 Ms.Nidhi Goel Member MBA
13 Mr.Abhishek rai Member MCA
14 Hostel Wardens Member Hostel




ACADEMIC MONITORING COMMITTEE                                                                 
S.No. Name
1       Prof.(Dr.) P.N.Hrisheekeha, Director,
2       All HOD’s

Admission Cell/Committee Name Duty/Responsibility Dept.
1 Ms. Manisha Tyagi B.Tech & MBA EE
2 Ms. Upasana B.Tech & MBA ECE
3 Mr. Ajay Chaudhary BBA & BCA MCA
4 Mr. Lalit Member Admission

Heads /Incharges of various committees for the session 2016-2017

Sl. No. Name Name of the committee Duty Mobile no.
1 Dr. Deepankar Sharma Anti-ragging Chairman 9045553242
2 Dr.G.B.Varshney Anti-ragging Deputy Chairman 9212853527
3 Mr.Kapil Kumar Proctorial Chief Proctor 9456007077
4 Dr.Rupa rani Tyagi Proctorial
Women Grievance Cell
Depty Chief Proctor
5 Dr. Sumit Gupta Exam Controller 9412121031
6 Dr. Nisha vishnoi Seminar,workshop,ConferenceBlood donation Camp
Chhandogya Club
Institution Data Maintenance
Head 9897532363
7 Ms. Ayushi Prakash Placement
Head-Coordinator 8791082212
8 Mr. Rohit Singh
Ms. Nidhi Goel
Sports Incharge 7417278828
9 Mr. Ravindra Kumar yadav Projects Head 9412521150
10 Dr. Deepankar Sharma
Dr. Sumeet Gupta
Mr. Ravindra Kumar yadav
Ms. Abha Tomar
Ms. Rachna Singh Chauhan
Hostel Visit Committee Incharge 9045553242
11 Ms. Manisha Tyagi
Ms. Upasana
Mr. Ajay Chaudhary
Student Grievance Cell Head-Coordinator 8791082238
12 Mr. Brijesh Kumar Administrative work Co-ordinator 8791082231




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