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  • Dr. KNMIET is involved in the field of education since 1995. College enhances the technical ability and personality by introducing many technical organization and technical events (MICROSOFT TECH CLUB, SEE, ECOCA, MECHBOTS etc). This college accepts new trends and techniques to improve technical knowledge among the students.

    Abhishek Kumar Singh
    ECE A 3rd year (2010-14)

  • Our college aims at the holistic development of students. The college authorities are working well on their part for introducing latest trends and technologies so that the students are well aware of the modern world. Teachers take great pain to help the students to understands various concepts, making subject easy and interesting. They motivate and shape students idea and fuel their innovative mind.

    EE- 3rd year

  • “I am enjoying healthy, sound and raging free environment of Dr KNMIET Modinagar “

    Abhishek Sahi
    MCA Ist Year

  • Our college has improved a lot since I took admission. All labs are fully conducted and kits are also available. In hostel, many renovations have been made and night canteen has also been opened. Personality development programs also stands for its name in providing the educative personality skills.

    Shubhangi Gupta
    ECE B (3rd year)

  • It gives us so much satisfaction that the institute is so helpful to the students. Teaching here is very interactive and so very meaningful and full of practical knowledge. It provide lot many placements which enlighten our future. By all means we grow up as a skilled and a smart professional in Dr. KNMIET.

    Anchal Dwivedi
    Chemical Engineering - II Year

  • Dr. KNMIET has given us new hopes for excellent technical education. Continuous efforts by the institute to provide better placements has boosted our morale for our brighter tomorrow. With renewed hopes, we feel the necessity to work even harder to achieve our aims.

    Prasoon Gupta
    Chemical Engineering 3rd year

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